Protect Your Beneficiaries

Protect Your Beneficiaries

Retain a wills and trusts attorney in Albany, OR

The effective transfer and preservation of family wealth begins with a well-prepared estate plan. The Law Office of Dustan E. Johnson counsels clients from all walks of life who wish to plan for the dispositions of their estates. We are well-versed in the creation of wills and trusts and have experience dealing with a wide range of variables and financial situations.

Don't wait to plan for the future. We can help you with everything from business succession to specialty trusts. Call 541-928-0677 now to speak with a wills and trusts attorney in Albany, OR.

You don't have to go through probate alone

If you've been named the executor of a loved one's will, you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of going through probate. Hiring a probate attorney can take some of that burden off your shoulders. Our lead attorney, Dustan E. Johnson, can...

  • File for probate with the court
  • Thoroughly review your loved one's will or trust
  • Distribute assets based on their wishes
  • Sort through any outstanding debts

Our law firm is here to help you in any way we can during this difficult time. Schedule an appointment with a probate attorney in Albany, OR today.